Helium Rewards Calculator for Taxes

Given a wallet address, this tool allows you to:
1. Calculate Helium rewards by year - valued in US dollars at the time rewards were received. (Necessary for income tax filings).
2. View your full history of Helium rewards.


Step 1, Pay for this tool by sending 1 HNT (helium token) from your wallet to the following address (HeliumTaxTools Address: 13dK5thBcHFKy9rKazqek7eg9ABQac7DuDyUqSooeZ5xwgYiebZ).

HeliumTaxTools Wallet Address
Note: You must make the 1 HNT payment from the same wallet for which you wish to calculate rewards.

Step 2,

Enter your wallet address

Demo: For a free demo of this tool, you can use this wallet address: 13dSRG96FL8sqXAym4xGkDKxryzNChHQJv2U7AUEtE7bL57NMjV
Support: Please email pinotio at protonmail dot com, including your public address key so I can troubleshoot.